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Loan assistance

We want to help you handle all the complex formalities related to the construction of the house. We work with the BROKER credit counseling – New apartments and houses. This will help you to familiarize yourself with available financing options, calculate your creditworthiness, adjust your repayment terms, and discuss legal issues related to the investment financing.

Contact to our office

Mlynarska Street 11
11-200 Bartoszyce, Poland

+48 505 855 122

We work quickly and reliably with great attention to detail thanks to many years of experience in building skeleton houses.

Ecology, safe energy and healthy life conditions

We use healthy wood such as larch or Siberian pine for the construction of the houses. Our projects are a combination of regionalism, tradition and modernity.


Mlynarska Street 11
11-200 Bartoszyce, Poland

Phone: +48 505 855 122

Production department
Olsztynska Street 1A
11-100 Lidzbark Warminski, Poland

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