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We build energy-efficient and passive houses in skeleton construction

We undertake demanding projects and interesting orders through all european countries. We have done more than 200 detached houses near Warsaw City, many tourist facilities all over Poland, France and Russia, housing estates near Berlin, shopping and dining facilities. Building materials we use have the necessary certificates, approvals and approvals in accordance with the rules and standards of construction in Poland, Europe and the world.

Energy Efficient Houses

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Passive Houses

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Shelf Houses

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We work on modern machinery park and constantly supporting our company development with EU funds. In our production plant, we manufacture house assembly components using an ecological approach to waste production and management. It is extremely important for us to have a good customer relationship. We are with our Client through all the construction process, and we are committed to make this process as professional as possible at the right time, satisfying for both sides.

Our offer is a proposition for lovers of quality, ecology, short-term investment, oriented to healthiness solutions. Please contact us.

Many possibilities

We offer few options to cooperate with us:


purchase of building construction design


execution of the raw closed building


execution of development status with installations


realization "to live"

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Ecology, safe energy and healthy life conditions

We use healthy wood such as larch or Siberian pine for the construction of the houses. Our projects are a combination of regionalism, tradition and modernity.


Mlynarska Street 11
11-200 Bartoszyce, Poland

Phone: +48 505 855 122

Production department
Olsztynska Street 1A
11-100 Lidzbark Warminski, Poland

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