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Passive Houses

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Passive Houses

Choose energy freedom

The passive house is energy-efficient as well, but it is built for passive energy from the environment. We need only 15 kWh/(m2 year) to do it.

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Passive houses have higher requirements for thermal insulation of the wall and roof – 0.12 W / (sqm K) – this is possible thanks to using the thickness of the insulation layer of min. 30 cm and 50 cm. Heat transfer coefficient U of windows and doors is not more than 0.8 W / (sqm K).Such a building can be completely devoid of an active heating system, and the installation of mechanical ventilation is used to heat the house.Both energy-efficient and passive buildings must be airtight. Fresh air is only vented through the ventilation system. The air supplied inside is heated by electric heaters or heat pumps. The source of energy is the heat generated also by the house inhabitants and solar radiation.It is recommended to use mechanical ventilation of ventilation and extract air with heat recovery. Passive construction provides high thermal comfort and very low heat demand – 1.5 m3 of natural gas per m2 per year. It is recommended that ventilation and exhaust ventilation with heat recovery.

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Certification of passive houses

Passive House Certificates in Poland are run by the Institute of Passive Building and Renewable Energy (PIBPiEO). Passive components certification for the Passive Construction is handled by the Institute in Darmstadt (PHI). The certificate confirms the performance of a particular standard building, high comfort, energy efficiency, energy efficiency and environmental neutrality. Having such a certificate entitles you to apply for financial support from banks and public institutions.

Co-financing from WFOŚIGW

The National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management provides the subsidies in case of construction of a passive house – 50 thousand PLN. Funds may be used by persons holding a building permit and having the right to dispose of the property on which they will build a residential building and having the right to transfer the ownership of the property together with the detached house to their own. Co-financing is paid after the completion of construction and confirmation of the achievement of energy savings.

We work quickly and reliably with great attention to detail thanks to many years of experience in building skeleton houses.

Ecology, safe energy and healthy life conditions

We use healthy wood such as larch or Siberian pine for the construction of the houses. Our projects are a combination of regionalism, tradition and modernity.


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