Dom szkieletowy budowa

Shelf Houses

Dom szkieletowy

The price of a skeletal house is about 15% lower than the price of a brick house!

Shelf Houses

Comprehensive realization of the house

Webuild energy-efficient and passive houses in a wooden frame construction. This is a very popular technology used in many countries in the world. Our houses are environmentally friendly, warm, economical, easy and quick to install – their construction can take only 2-3 months, in the winter also. They are very durable due to properly dried wood impregnated with resistance to pests, water and fire. Those houses are easily heated, hence their low maintenance costs.

Dom szkieletowy budowa

Our offer includes the complete realization of skeletal houses, from the design stage through delivery, transport, assembly on the foundation to finishing works. Each building project is led by a manager who has necessary authorizations and many years of practice in this type of investment. In cooperation with us you receive professional advice throughout the all construction time. We use materials that have the necessary European approvals and permits. The materials which we useare natural and healthy, they do not emit toxic harmful substances andthe wooden construction is the most natural building block available on the market.

At the request of the client, we make a house of a special type of wood: Siberian pine or larch.

The undisputable advantages of skeletal buildings include healthy and durable construction, energy saving and easy temperature control in rooms where the air is heated,not walls. Those houses get warm in 30-60 minutes. The main body of the house can be easily and quickly repaired and expanded and our clients can decide on any external appearance of the building. We work quickly and reliably with great attention to details thanks to many years of experience in building skeleton houses.

Dom szkieletowy

We work quickly and reliably with great attention to detail thanks to many years of experience in building skeleton houses.

Ecology, safe energy and healthy life conditions

We use healthy wood such as larch or Siberian pine for the construction of the houses. Our projects are a combination of regionalism, tradition and modernity.


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